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How to generate more sales to your website ?

So you did the neccesary, beautiful website, tons of images, models, video art, payments, security, lots of prayers and....Vawalla, the bride is ready. So you're contact a digital marketing agency and you start your first campaign, it's getting warm.... champaign is ready, another day, and the next, and....nothing happands.

What the !$%& did I do wrong???

So please open the old checklist notepad and start checking:

  1. Make sure all of your payments methods working, test it actually.

  2. See what compatitors have and you don't.

  3. Add human modeling images to illustate your items.

  4. Add reviews of any purchase.

  5. Don't forget to use oroginal designs or items.

  6. Send a compelling push notification.

  7. *Prevent any surprising extra cost.

  8. Don't force your buyers to set up an account.

  9. Use payments instalments to make easy puchase.

  10. Free international delivery in 2-7 days.

There are more issues of course to take care of, but first let's start with the above, so if nothing happand be our guest, click at the down right side...yes the Chat Icon and we will continue from there.... to sales.

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